All things considered, it's a recipe for revolt And Australian users are not alone. In the UK, Central Scotland Police moved 1,000 users to Star Office, saving itself a quarter of a million pounds. The aim, according to a report on VNUnet, is "to do away with Microsoft altogether" ... This time, it isn't US Government regulators taking Microsoft on, it's the company's own customers. The irony has to be appreciated: the company that made computing affordable through commoditising the businesses of industry heavyweights such as IBM (a company that certainly riled a few users in its time of dominance) is now struggling to avoid commoditisation itself.
Platforms Example: Developing software for OS/2 1.0 required an investment of $3000 for the SDK, and you had to write all your own printer drivers if printing was important for you. Printing was important, so OS/2 had no applications. No Wonder that amazing OS never caught on! Example: Despite the mistakes that Sun made with Java, the runtime was always free and good Java tools were cheap or free, too. No other development platform became so predominant so quickly (even Visual Basic, the top selling computer language of all time, took years to ramp up.) No wonder java caught on!
So many plans, so little time!!!


Dave says, Note that last year I said that Red Hat was overvalued at $600 million. Have to eat the words. Today its market capitalization is over $840 million. As Gomer Pyle used to say: "Surprise surprise surprise." No surprise for me. I've seen the improvements that have been made to linux first hand. I've been using Linux since 1997, and we have come a long way. Further, RedHat seems to be doing a smart thing, despite what others may say, by targetting enterprise users. Linux is an awesome server operating system. I know cause I am a sysadmin, and ours is a total Linux lab. Before working at this place, I worked as a sysadmin for a NT lab, and I dont want to be reminded of those days.
What color combination is best for your eyes. The color combination I like, Green on black, seems to be the least liked by all my friends.
Ahh.... that stupid error is gone. It turned out that it was'nt a problem with BlogniX, but my customized template was causing a problem with the blogger system. Its fixed now, but I also have a new template.
There is a contest going on at IBM. You can win an internship. I'll post a link as soon as I have it.
Its friday. Nobody seems to be updating thier blogs. Everybody's probably left for the labor day weekend. I'm just gonna sit around and get some of my project work done, and also some job stuff. Good time to catch up.
Oh, and I am installing Debian so that I can have a system that is the same as the CS server system so that my programming projects dont have any problems with the version of the compiler and glibc. The projects are going to be big, and I could do without those problems once I am deep in the code with thousands of lines of code.
Been installing Debian on my home computer, and man is it hard. I dont think I have sound running, but who knows. I left the installation running on the home computer. During my first try installed Debian 2.2 r2 which I had on CD and then did a dist-upgrade. Well, all that finished fine, but X refused to start saying could not find font 'fixed' or something to that effect. The next time I just downloaded the disks, installed the modules for the network, and it began downloading all the files. I left it like that before I came to work. The one bad thing about the installation is that it pauses whenever it is installing and application, asking the admin to enter settings for the apps. Its a big bother because you cant leave the installation unattended. They should fix this.


I dont know if people know this, because timewarner does'nt seem to advertise this, but you can get roadrunner cable internet even if you dont want cable tv, which is exactly what I dont have. TV is too addictive for me, so I dont want Cable TV. But I do need cable internet.
I dont know if people know this, because timewarner does'nt seem to advertise this, but you can get roadrunner cable internet even if you dont want cable, which is exactly what I dont have. TV is too addictive for me, so I dont want Cable TV. But I do need cable internet.
Linux, the General Public License, and a New Model for Software Innovation (Its a pdf file!) Not that Linux completely rids the world of monoply. It just replaces Microsoft, a monoply by one, with a global development effort, a monoply by all, as it were (which, ofcourse, is no monoply at all).
Linux, the General Public License, and a New Model for Software Innovation Not that Linux completely rids the world of monoply. It just replaces Microsoft, a monoply by one, with a global development effort, a monoply by all, as it were (which, ofcourse, is no monoply at all).


I spoke too soon. My terrific uptime of 15 days on the laptop has just been reinitialized, thanks to the keyboard playing tricks again. For some reason, the CTRL key on the laptop remains pressed sometimes, and no matter what I do, I cant get rid of it. So every key that I press is actually CTRL+key. No typing is possible, and the only way to solve the problem is to reboot the laptop. The laptop is a Dell Latitude LM, and its old. It could be that the hardware is just dying, and the keyboard problem is a result of that. The only thing is that I had windows on the laptop for sometime, and I never ran into this problem there. It only began when I installed Linux on it. And it happens on every Linux, that is Debian, Mandrake and Redhat. So it might be that there is a problem in Linux somewhere, or it could be that the hardware failed after I installed Linux on the laptop. Who knows? There is another problem that is definitely Linux related. For some reason, when I am just running in console mode, the keyboard just stops accepting input. I can keep hammering at the keys, but the input wont be accepted. Taking the laptop into suspend mode, and then out solves the problem sometimes, but it always happens. I just cannot work in console mode on the laptop. Again this happens with all distributions of Linux that I have tried. Anybody solve this problem yet? I cant find any documentation on it on the web.
There is so much stuff out thier on creating XML files, but nothing on parsing them. Actually there is, but none that can actually make me understand how to properly use an XML parser. I'll have to sit down one day, and actually read the bit on expat from xml.com. But for now, I am just running away from more programming. Where does time go? From my experience, you can either be an open source programmer, or you can have a life. At the moment, it seems, I have a life!!! Actually you can have a life, and be an open source programmer, if you dont work! Should I give up work? :)
Jon Udell says, You'd think a week's worth of almost a hundred RSS feeds would be overwhelming. To my surprise, it wasn't. I spent more time looking through this stuff than my email -- and I suppose this made my total reentry time more than it otherwise would have been -- but the process was enjoyable. There were no demands, no requests, just information useful in varying degrees. Crunching through an email backlog is a stressful experience. But nothing in the RSS haul raised my blood pressure. It was like eating a good dinner. I went for a walk afterward to digest it, and felt well-nourished. I guess that is the difference between email and reading news through a news feed reader. If you dont like a feed you can turn it of. Its not that big a hassle to turn of the new feed. At least not in RadioU. There is no spam. Only stuff that you want. Same with IM. There were times when I would get spam on ICQ, but I dont use ICQ anymore, and there is no spam on MSN Messenger.
uptime: 2:01pm up 15 days, 17:48, 4 users, load average: 0.58, 0.35, 0.29 My laptop is running pretty stable. Linux dhcp-156-141 2.4.7-10 #1 Thu Sep 6 17:21:28 EDT 2001 i586 unknown Though I am running out disk space. Filesystem 1k-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on /dev/hda2 1960464 1521892 338984 82% /
CapWin The instant message application will come from Jabber, while Informant Software will provide the database access system, Blossom added. "They did not want to be hooked into any proprietary system," Blossom said. "The purpose of CapWIN is to enable these functions by leveraging existing networks and systems...The hard part is going to be to make sure that we get the user requirements defined correctly the first time."


Joho the blog The very thing the most conservative among us have dreamt of, have died for since the founding of this country, is now within our grasp: free markets, free speech, worldwide. And we're blowing it because some dinosaur companies insist on maintaining their grip on every last dollar before their industry dies. 500 million of us can see how close it is, how the world economy would blossom, how the human spirit would get dizzy with possibility, and we're arguing about how we can best prevent it? We should be talking about how we can explode the barriers.
Though I am just waiting for a chance to try GNOME 2.0 with font anti aliasing, and the nimbus font.
I finally got some good fonts in a Linux browser. And I've set it up so that they are the only fonts that show up. So no matter what font setting you have, it will show the text with fonts that good look on my laptop. The browser is Galeon, and you may try as much as you want, but you cant tear me away from Galeon ever. Until a browser with a better font shows up!


Hello World! Hey I forgot it was my birthday!!!!
Media chief decries Net's moral fiber "The vast potential of broadband has so far benefited nobody as clearly as it's benefited downloaders of pornography and pirates of digital content," Chernin told an audience of about 200. Thats so much bull-shit. Its benefitted me greatly. I can do whatever the hell I want to on the net. The only people who it has not benefitted are the media giants, who wish to be the only monoply on the internet providing entertainment stuff. If they want a secure way to provide media on the internet, why dont they create an internet of thier own. We'll see how many people join thier internet. And, this way, we wont have to give up our own internet.
NSA deputy director says "never again" to Open Source Shit... thats bad news for opensource!
Though if I do have net access at home, I can always use the home computer as a terminal and gain access to the server, and do my programming thier. Thats something I will have to look into.
I've been debating whether I should upgrade my PC at home. It definitely needs an upgrade 1. 300 Mhz, 128 Mb Ram, Voodoo3, Sound Blaster64, and 20 gig hard drive. Its ok for browsing and listening to music, but thats about it. For programming, watching movies, and other stuff, its too slow. Mainly for programming. The thing is that I can do programming in the lab as well. I tried it, but the environment there is'nt too good. The only reason that I had'nt upgraded yet was that I was looking into buying a laptop. That made things so much more easier. I keep the laptop in the lab presently, because I need a computer thier that's my own. The laptop is a pentium 166 Mhz, 64 Mb ram, and a 2 gig hard drive. Its only good as a terminal. And that is what I use it for. It has Linux installed, and I use it as a terminal to SSH into the servers, and run X of thier. Of the server, the system is fast enough. But the utility of a laptop is a hundred or so time greater than having a desktop. Another soluition would be getting a Wi-Fi card for the laptop, but that would be limiting again. The laptop would only be of use if I was sitting in a place where there was Wi-Fi access. Otherwise, I would'nt be able to do much on the machine as it is. And for programming you need a fast machine. You can easily get frustrated if the coding is'nt going that well, and you keep running into a bug. And the frustration increase if your app takes 10 minutes to recompile. Which mine does! So I have to go over the code again and again, before I even think about recompiling. In one way that is good, but it is frustrating, and I find that at home, I rarely ever feel like coding. And at work, there are always people who need help. So even if I am in during work hours, there is bound to be someone who will come in, and ask for help. And interruptions during coding are the worst thing. They spoil the mood, and destroy your concentration. Because I did not have net access at home, there was no point in upgrading my machine. But that is all going to change. And that's because I just found out that you can get road runner access even if you dont want cable TV. You dont have to have cable TV. So the bill remains at $45 a month. There are also special going on right now. So we are going for it. About $50 split into three is'nt that bad. And now that I have net access at home, I can begin coding at home again. That means that I should consider upgrading the PC.
I think I might be getting cable at home again. That would mean that this site is moving to home again. That means pictures. And I got my digital camera working again. That means a lot of bad crappy resolution pictures on this site! :)


IWT Bans RIAA From Accessing Its Network Information Wave Technologies has announced it will actively deny the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) from accessing the contents of its network. Earlier this year, the RIAA announced its new plan to access computers without owner's consent for the sake of protecting its assets. Information Wave believes this policy puts its customers at risk of unintentional damage, corporate espionage, and invasion of privacy to say the least. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :)
IWT Bans RIAA From Accessing Its Network Information Wave Technologies has announced it will actively deny the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) from accessing the contents of its network. Earlier this year, the RIAA announced its new plan to access computers without owner's consent for the sake of protecting its assets. Information Wave believes this policy puts its customers at risk of unintentional damage, corporate espionage, and invasion of privacy to say the least. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


Is it time to start running Linux? Even Microsoft, the company that once viewed Linux as just short of satanic, is showing off a new product that allows Linux (and Unix) to run on a Windows operating system. What's going on? Shit.... Linux must really be becoming a threat to Microsoft.
I guess Microsoft still wants to continue its monoply, City may get Free Microsoft Makeover
Ok, I just republished the archive. Thats a lot of weeks!!!
Have an exam on Monday, which I gotta study for. So much to do, so little time.


Dave says, I have a small favor to ask. Weblogs.Com is very close to an all-time high this morning, with 981 blogs in the list as of 10:37AM Pacific. The high water mark is 990. It's been flirting with 1000 for the last few weeks. If you have a weblog that's part of the weblogs.com network, please update it now, so we can cross 1000, and I can get on with other things?


Plans for BlogniX: 1. Create new scripts that work better at installation of the app. 2. Improve interface. 3. Add RSS Aggregator.
I cant get either AmphetaDesk, or Radio to work on my laptop. This sucks!


Having problems with opening dialogs in Radio v8.0. I am going to install Radio v7.0 tomorrow. All I want to use is the news feed aggregator. I know I could use Ampheta Desk, but I dont want to for some reason.
I am trying to run RadioUserland from Wine, lets see how it goes this time.
Jon Udell on Active words, When you type these in any input context (your word processor, a web form, the command line, an email address field, or even in no context at all -- i.e., when no foreground app expects input), and then hit the action key, something useful happens Thats why I like WindowMaker. I prefer to use the keyboard for everything, and I hate the mouse. I dont like moving my hand away from the keyboard, and with Windowmaker, I can do everything with the keyboard. I know the key combinations by heart, and now, you can tear me away from windowmaker no matter what. In a way thats bad, because there might be something good out thier that I could use, but because it does not have the same key combinations I would not use it. However, we'll see when I actually do find something as good as Windowmaker. Active Words goes a bit further. It also makes typing easy. I wonder if there is such an app for Linux?
I happen to be browsing the other day on a friends computer. I was looking for a digital diary for an Aunt. She does'nt want a PDA, because it has too many features that she does not need, and its too expensive. The computer was running XP, and Internet Explorer. The whole experience was so irritating. Things kept popping up, even when nothing was loading, as in I was browsing in the middle of the page. After having visited two or three web sites, the screen was filled with popups of all sizes. I was so annoyed, I just have up in disgust. My friend was quite amused not understanding. I explained to him that I dont have to deal with this crap when I am browsing, because I have popups disabled. He did'nt know that that could be done. When I told him that he would have to download some other browser, he did'nt want to go for it. Why learn a new thing? I will never understand such people!!!
Microsoft and Free Software at the Same Show? It's True I dont really care much whether Linux has failed or succeeded as a desktop OS. All I know is that Linux distributions and software have shown tremendous amounts of improvement over the years, and continue to do so. I dont care if Mom and Pop dont want to use Linux. As long as I can do whatever it is I need to do with Linux. In fact, I am just glad that I have an alternative that I can use, which is better than anything else I have seen.


Dvorak says: It always makes me laugh when people equate computers with appliances or assume that someday computers will become devices you can buy and immediately operate. In fact, computers are more like cars.
status of blogger Thats good news!!
I cant wait for the Mandrake Download to finish, be burnt, and installed on my laptop. Any OS that has fonts that look like the BeOS fonts is worth the effort. I loved those fonts, and I cant wait to get them back. I also cant wait to give the new Mandrake OS a try. I moved away from Mandrake, because it was too easy to use, and I was getting spoilt. At the moment I had the option of trying RedHat Limbo, but I am already using RedHat at work and all, so I dont want to install it on the laptop.
Just by the way, it was my birthday yesterday!
Downloading Mandrake 9.0 Beta2. That should make for an interesting weekend.
I hate people who complain and bitch about Microsoft and then go right ahead and use Microsoft software. And on top of that, they act as if they have no other choice. Wake UP!
Europe must take back the Web I agree with the author of the article, that things like the DMCA, and the new bill in congress are bad for the internet and internets users world wide. The solution of forming another internet in europe is not the solution. Mainly because I have read that there are similar bills being introduced in countries in the EU, and that would restrict the European internet as well. What I would suggest is that people take action to make sure that wrong bills, do not get passed. Well informed and educated decisions should be taken to make sure that the internet remains free.
A system administrators job is never done!


All Images are lost when I moved from my home computer to blogspot. Crap!
I'm back in the blogging world!
Hello World!


Smoking BTW, for some reason today every thought is about cigarettes. My subconscious seems to have forgotten that we quit that nasty life-shortening habit. Dave needs to get his mind of smoking. Now is the most important part. I quit smoking for about the same number of days. All it took was a borrowed cigarrette from a friend. I'm back to half a pack a day. A whole months effort down the drain.


This is what I get when I log into blogger to publish. Maybe its time to actually buy a service. Who would I buy it from though? No, I guess as long as I am a student, I might as well host it on one of the University servers.
Broadcasters Appeal Royalty Ruling They're arguing that Congress intended the royalty payments to apply only to internet services which allow one to pick what music one receives - if the listener is force-fed a stream, like regular radio, Congress didn't intend for the royalty payments to apply. This makes sense. Man, I would'nt wanna lose digitally imported. That is one good station.
Note: I dont know whats up, but I cant ping weblogs.com from BlogniX anymore. It will take some time for me to actually look into this.
Ev really needs to get more up time on his servers! They go down too often. If I was'nt so lazy I would have probably moved my blog ages ago. P.S. So I guess its not Ev's fault that I cant publish. All I gotta do, is pay Ev, and I'll have no problems. I guess you get what you pay for!!! (In this case, I paid nothing)
Blogger is acting up again!
I'm gonna lose the internet connection soon. Move to a dial up. Dont need a fast internet connection anymore, since I am on campus most of the time. Probably download from campus if not somewhere else. Cable connection used to be good when the cable was free with the apartment, but now it does'nt make sense, to pay a $100 for both cable TV, and Cable internet. Since I dont watch Cable TV, and barely used the cable internet. In fact, I could probably take my laptop to campus and do all the downloading I need to do from thier. And I go to work every day any ways, so email and all that can easily be checked. The only drawback to all this would be that I would have to move my web site, from my home computer to another computer, that is connected on the net, and that will also allow me to have ftp access to the account. Probably set it up on the CS server or on chaos or something. I wish I could have the option of sftp. Then I could just host the web site on my work computer. I already got permission, but dont wanna open up ftp on the computer. There should be an easier and more secure way to transfer data from the Blogger server to the web server. I could always host the blog on blogspot as well.
I'm gonna lose the internet connection soon. Move to a dial up. Dont need a fast internet connection anymore, since I am on campus most of the time. Probably download from campus if not somewhere else. Cable connection used to be good when the cable was free with the apartment, but now it does'nt make sense, to pay a $100 for both cable TV, and Cable internet. Since I dont watch Cable TV, and barely used the cable internet. In fact, I could probably take my laptop to campus and do all the downloading I need to do from thier. And I go to work every day any ways, so email and all that can easily be checked. The only drawback to all this would be that I would have to move my web site, from my home computer to another computer, that is connected on the net, and that will also allow me to have ftp access to the account. Probably set it up on the CS server or on chaos or something. I wish I could have the option of sftp. Then I could just host the web site on my work computer. I already got permission, but dont wanna open up ftp on the computer. There should be an easier and more secure way to transfer data from the Blogger server to the web server. I could always host the blog on blogspot as well.


linux pakistan What a cool site!!!
Pakistan Government Looks to the Linux Users Group It must be quite flattering when a government sits up, takes note of the potential of a Linux-users group, and prominently features it in advertisements noticed nationwide. This happened recently in Pakistan, where a small but growing band of GNU/Linux enthusiasts--and some senior policy planners working at another level--have understood the impact that this alternative computing operating system could have on their plans. My country ROCKS!!!
Pakistan Government Looks to the Linux Users Group It must be quite flattering when a government sits up, takes note of the potential of a Linux-users group, and prominently features it in advertisements noticed nationwide. This happened recently in Pakistan, where a small but growing band of GNU/Linux enthusiasts--and some senior policy planners working at another level--have understood the impact that this alternative computing operating system could have on their plans. My country ROCKS!!!


Control your identity or Microsoft and Intel Will We can choose accountability, or we can let the unholy alliance of Hollywood, Microsoft, Intel, and the government choose for us. The alliance, cleverly, pretends to solve problems that really annoy us, like spam and email worms. But these violations of trust won't yield simply to trusted motherboards and operating systems. People have to assert (and prove) their claims of trustworthiness, and other people have to make judgments about those assertions. The PKI technologies haven't yet perfected the art of binding real identities to virtual ones, but that's just what will be needed on top of TCPA/Palladium in order to deliver the benefits that people actually want. For years I've argued that activating the security features dormant in popular email software--including Outlook, Outlook Express, and Netscape/Mozilla--is a good idea. Voluntary message signing can establish trust in a way that's useful, and doesn't require reinventing the PC around a digital-rights-management chip.


I wanna give gabber a try again. Hope it installs easily. Dont wanna spend hours compiling it. I wish my work computer was faster.
Installing RH 7.3 on my work computer!
BlogniX works with Blogger once again!


I'm downloading Microsoft .net SDK, and at the same time Sun One SDK (formerly Forte). Sun One is 85 MB in size. .Net SDK is 131 MB in size. Do we need all these layers under our software? So much bloat!
Cant get BlogniX to work with Blogger.Damn it!


/usr/bin/opera: line 72: 26760 Segmentation fault $OPERA "$@"
One thing that bothers me about Opera. I am in the habit of clicking on links that appear on a page, for instance, slashdot, and having them open in the background for later reading. That way I go through the first page first, and then continue reading the next page. I cant find an option in Opera which would allow me to have links open up in the background. I have to switch back to the old article, which is quite irritating. Oh well, I guess you cant have everything.
how to survive without audiogalaxy Now that Audiogalaxy is gone, I dont know what to do. I dont really like any of the Gnutella clients that are out thier for Linux, and Kazaa only works in Windows. And WinMX. Actually I think WinMX is much better than Kazaa. How am I supposed to get my music?!!!
I wish I could contribute to the openbeos project. They all seem to be working hard, and I love reading the newsletters that they put out. The newsletters have some pretty good stuff in them. If only I had a more powerful machine, and time!
Yup, Opera seems to be a whole lot better in terms of speed.
I put together my work computer, because I did not want X running on the server. The work computer is old, a 233 Mhz system with 64 MB of ram. Its slow, but it gets the job done. It basically works as a simple browsing, mailing and word processing system. I can always ssh to another computer and do compilations and development work. I was using Mozilla v1.0 on it, but after getting used to the 300 Mhz computer with 128Mb of ram, I can notice a difference in performance, and its irritating. So I am gonna try using Opera again. The problem with opera was that the app had too many toolbars and advertisement sections taking up screen real estate. But I should'nt have that problem with a 21' monitor. Other than that, the browser is cool. Another problem I had was editing in blogger. But for that I use BlogniX now, so Opera should work just fine. Lets see!
Feeling the Heat in Redmond Add to those costs the restrictions Microsoft is placing on how companies can use its software and you see why some customers are cranky. One new policy bans companies from using Microsoft tools to develop software that runs on non-Microsoft operating systems. It's one thing to tell customers they have to pay up for yet another upgrade; it's another to tell them they can't distribute original source code or use their own handiwork on another OS.
Its been raining for days now. This weather sucks!
Damn Palladium!!!!
There is still something wrong with Blogger.
Have to mirror a hard drive, on to a newer and better hard drive. The operating system is Linux. Should'nt be that hard.


Its the first today. I should get paid.
I was trying to install Garnome, but ran into problems. There used to be days, when I would not give up until the software is installed on my computer, but now I have no time to do such things. So I gave up. I'll wait for a distro to come out that has GNOME 2.0 as the default. The fonts on Linux arent that bad anymore anyways, and I can wait for the BeOS like font.
Publishers sue over pop-up ads One more reason to prefer open source software. I've never been irritated by popup ads, because the software I use does not have any pop ads in it. Its all free software that is not motivated by profit, and hence is pure. For browsing, I use either, Mozilla, or Konqueror, which are both excellent free browsers, that Linux users can use. My operating system, Linux, is free, and hence does not have any built in features for advertising. My instant messaging software is kmess which does not have any ads on it whatsoever. My whole computing environment is advertisement free, and thats the way I like it. In Mozilla, and konqueror there are options where you can restrict the javascript popups from happening. The result is that I havent seen pop up ads in months. Only when I am at a friends place, and forced to use Windows that I come across them. And then it reminds me why I am so happy using Linux. And then there is just a feel in Linux environments that is just so much better than that in windows. You can tell that people have worked on this with love, rather than working for pay. Its not the same boring interface.


Just started compiling Garnome. After reading somewhere that the new Nimbus font looks just like the default BeOS fonts, I just had to have the new GNOME. It will take a few hours to compile on my slow slow machine.


In LinuxLand we rarely ever need to reboot. Even on our experimental, unstable workstations. Ofcourse the servers have a whole year of uptime.
Damn, there is so much work to be done. Just finished changing a bad power supply on one of the computers. "System Administration: It's a dirty job, but someone said I had to do it" Seen on a T-shirt From: http://www.phpbuilder.com/columns/timuckun20001207.php3


The War on Terror should be a War on Corruption and Poverty I've already said this before. Education is the most important need of the third world countries, imho.
Hey check the bar out on kuro5hin.org for funding. Kuro5hin has a real supportive community. Its amazing. That is one cool web site. If only I had money!!!
Wrestlers lose name to WWF This just seems so right!
Learning the GNU build system. Once I have BlogniX compiling properly on all the various distros, I'll move on to the next step. Adding new features. Should make v0.2 in about a week or two. Depending on how much time I get from school. Update: No way this is going to happen within a week. No time.


ok I just got permission to run my web log on this computer. Should'nt be a problem, as long as I dont have comments on the web page. Crap I forgot we only use ssh here. No ftp servers!
And yes, I forgot to turn the web server, and ftp server on again. I am thinking of moving the web log to my computer at work. Gotta ask first though!
Music piracy is not hurting the recording industry Guess who I got this link from! (Hint: last two posts!)
Damn this is a cool hack. Link from Doc!!
Doc says, There are no First, Second and Third World. There is only Football. On the plane yesterday, somewhere over Labrador, I was listening to Channel 9 audio on the airplane. Like most United Airlines flights, that's the channel that carries cockpit conversation with other planes and air traffic control. The chatter is mostly arcane: "American 415, climb and maintain three five zero... contact Montreal Center at one thirty two two..." But at one point a pilot came on and said "For everybody interested, here are the football scores. South Korea, two, Italy, one... Turkey, one, Japan, zero..." Headphones on, I repeated the scores to my seatmate, a British executive with Aston-Martin. Astonishment spread.


Boy am I glad I use Linux. Microsoft released Windows XP on Oct. 25, 2001. That same day, in what may be a record, the company posted 18 megabytes of patches on its Web site: bug fixes, compatibility updates, and enhancements. Two patches fixed important security holes. Or rather, one of them did; the other patch didn’t work. Microsoft advised (and still advises) users to back up critical files before installing the patches. Buyers of the home version of Windows XP, however, discovered that the system provided no way to restore these backup files if things went awry. As Microsoft’s online Knowledge Base blandly explained, the special backup floppy disks created by Windows XP Home “do not work with Windows XP Home.” Why software is bad.... I installed Windows XP on my home computer, just to give cleartype a try. And I must agree, this is one hack that really makes Windows an option. The fonts are just so much better, its amazing. But the same can be done on Linux through various hacks, but not all software can make use of those hacks. Fonts on Linux just have to be fixed!! As programs grew in size and complexity, however, the limits of this “code and fix” approach became evident. On average, professional coders make 100 to 150 errors in every thousand lines of code they write, according to a multiyear study of 13,000 programs by Humphrey of Carnegie Mellon. Using Humphrey’s figures, the business operating system Windows NT 4, with its 16 million lines of code, would thus have been written with about two million mistakes. Most would have been too small to have any effect, but some — many thousands — would have caused serious problems. Software engineers know that their code is often riddled with lacunae, and they have long been searching for new technologies to prevent them. To manage increasingly distended projects like Windows, for example, they have developed a variety of techniques, of which perhaps the best known is component-based design. Just as houses are built with standardized two-by-fours and electrical fittings, component-based programs are built out of modular, interchangeable elements: an example is the nearly identical menu bar atop every Windows or Macintosh program. Such standardized components, according to Wallach, are not only good engineering practice, they are “the only way you can make something the size of Microsoft Office work at all.” Microsoft, he says, was an early, aggressive promoter of this approach — “it’s the single best engineering decision they ever made.”


Just a 400 calories lost today, but it hurts like I lost 5000. :(


Damn.... I forgot to start the ftp server when I left for work.... Crap! Now this wont get posted until I get home!
I'm gonna give this free antivirus software a try.
About Virus scare Havent installed Anti-virus software for a long time. Dont need it. I dont use any of the software that are prone to vulnerabilities, and I format and reinstall my computer every three months or so anyways.
Went to the gym yesterday, its hurts all over!


Wow! My computer is just so much more responsive, now that it has 64 MB more of ram. For a grand wopping total of 128MB. Yes, I'm poor!!!! But I'm happy. :)


News Aggregators I dont see any that would fill my needs.
MITRE study of Open Source in government generally positive This 63-page study was sponsored by the U.S. Army, presumably to help the Army make cost-effective software purchasing decisions. It has had plenty of lead-up publicity since it was written in July 2001, but is only now widely available for public viewing. It's nothing like the study recently put out by the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution that seems to consist of warmed-over Microsoft marketing rhetoric. Read on for a brief synopsis and analysis, along with my personal take on what all this means. The first thing to note here is that MITRE gets most of its funding from the Department of Defense and other government agencies, while the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution gets the bulk of its money from private sources, including Microsoft. In this case, you might say, MITRE is taking the customer's view while AdTI is talking from the vendor's viewpoint. It is as if MITRE is taking the car buyer's side while AdTI is taking the car salesman's, except that the stakes here are much greater than the purchase of a single automobile.
There is so much work to do! I am have no time these days! Studies and work! Have had no time to write code. On my own programming front I want to work on BlogniX. Have to learn how to use the GNU Build system so that others can compile BlogniX. Have to add more features to BlogniX like creating a new blog, creating a new user account, editing a template. Have to add features so that you can add servers instead of having the app work with only Blogger.com. There are quite a few blogging apps out thier that implement the Blogger API but are not centralized. Then the greatest need I have is to have a native news aggregator app. I know there is amphetadesk, but I want a C++ GUI app like Radio Userland. And they say that if you cant find one, code it. Well, I'll do that as soon as I find time. And this is far in the future, but once the aggregator is done, I wanna integrate it with a weblog system. Exactly like Radio Userland.


sony ait-2 tape drive
I've run into a problem. I have a cluster of eight computers that are used for data crunching, with gigs and gigs of resulting data. The eight computers are setup on thier own network with 192.168.*.* addresses. Each cluster computer has a data directory mounted on the gateway (via nfs). There are people who ssh to the gateway and download thier data from each of the eight mounted directories. They dont like scp. They all run Linux. They want the data directories mounted on thier own computers (via nfs) so working with the files is simple, just like working on a local directory. Thier computers cannot see the eight computers, they can only see the gateway. How do I mount those directories? P.S. Nfs over Nfs does'nt work. P.P.S The reason for the eight computers not having a proper IP is that we dont have eight IPs to waste away. This way we just use one IP. Security was also a reason, but it is'nt anymore.


Tutorials on automake and autoconf.... http://www.murrayc.com/learning/linux/automake/automake.shtml http://sources.redhat.com/autobook/ http://www.gnu.org/manual/manual.html http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/~iam/docs/tutorial.html http://seul.org/docs/autotut/ http://zeus.cs.ccu.edu.tw/~ska89/autobook-1.2/autobook_1.html http://www.andamooka.org/reader.pl?section=autobook http://www.unixporting.com/portability.html http://www.linuxmax.net/cgi-bin/directory/jump.cgi?ID=2184 http://www.linuxmax.net/cgi-bin/directory/jump.cgi?ID=2169
The All-Time World Class Awards Windows 3.11 Many versions of Windows--from 3.0 to XP--got more hype, but the better products have always been the low-key, debugged versions that arrive between the biggies. The 1994 Best Operating System, Windows 3.11 for Workgroups, was that kind of release--a stable, quick, compatible OS that introduced built-in networking to the Windows environment. It's hardly surprising that a lot of folks continued to contentedly run Windows 3.11 even after Microsoft rolled out Windows 95 a year later. Since when was Windows 3.x an Operating System? I thought it was a shell. Something hacked over DOS. Now I remember why I dont read pcworld often.


Microsofts Monoply is the Peoples fault Microsoft is a business. And they have pretty much achieved what a business strives to achieve. Profitability, and wide spread customer adoption. Does'nt matter what kind of product they have to offer, its the people that made them what they are. And the people still continue to do so. Those who continue to use Windows despite having an adequate alternative operating system (Linux) continue to use Windows. Its not like they are being forced to use Windows. Everything is thier, including Microsoft Office running on Linux through the cross over plugin. Why continue to use Windows? Because its easy. Because its what they are used to. No one really wants to change. I had a friend who just graduated from college. He got a computer in 1996, with Windows 95 installed. All he used the computer for was listening to music, browsing the web, writing email and his papers. All the software he had installed on the computer was all he needed. He never once reinstalled the operating system on the machine, and was happy with the operating system. That is the mentality of every joe shmoe who buys a computer. They dont really care what they are running as long as the computer works. Its a tool. Nothing more. However the computer is a whole lot more. It is a bunch of tools rolled into one, and it will take a whole lot more, than just learning the basics about it. Its not a damn toaster!!! When this friend of mine had a problem he would come to me, asking me how I can fix the problem. it pissed me of, because there were several times when the same problem occured, and I had to fix it over and over again. Yet he would'nt learn himself how the problem should be fixed. And this friend was a EE major who graduated with a 3.8 GPA. He never learnt about installing operating systems, or troubleshooting PC problems. Why do they cry now, when Microsoft has the largest market share. They never noticed when better products came to market (OS/2 and BeOS). They dont care now when there is an ever improving alternative out thier (Linux). Not a single average, non technical person, would consider Linux, even though Linux installation is easier than installing Windows. And you havent done your research if you think other wise. I'll give you an example. Installing Windows 98/ME on a new partition requires that you run a command line utility called fdisk. Win2000 has a text based utility for partitioning that might be slightly easier. Dont know about XP. So you have to learn how to use a cryptic old command line utility. However, if you want to install a linux distribution most of them now come with graphical partitioning program, that is easier to use with all the buttons and help provided on screen. Just read and click through. In fact, some distributions just ask you simple questions and do the rest for you. And yet people complain Linux is harder. Instaling software through RPMS and DEBS is damn easy. At least for RPM files there are graphical programs that make installation as easy as downloading a setup.exe file and running it. But no. People have to cry and cry. The only thing that you dont have to deal with is installation of various RPM dependencies, but those are being worked out as well. All dependencies are now downloaded automatically if you use something like apt-get or urpmi. So will the people learn and move. No. Linux is harder, they say! Stupid people! Sure it was Microsoft that forced the OEMs to bundle Windows. But did the people cry out then. No, they just continued to buy the computers. Ok so maybe the people could not have done anything then, because maybe it was'nt in thier hands. But they can do now. Microsoft is in court, and people can demand that they want an alternative. But will they do anything? No. They will continue to buy those Windows PC and remain oblivious to the Microsoft monoply. What the people do now will write the future. And still all signs point to a continuation of ignorance on part of the People. It just makes me angry. Sorry, I'm in a bad mood.


damn.... mozilla 1.0.0+ crashed on me once. It just died. that is the screen went dead. This on Redhat 6.2. :( It was a nightly build, and probably the reason for the crash. I think they arent stable builds.
archive old users home directories on two cds take printer for decomission


Mozilla 1.0 Have fun!!!!
1. Samba on otherside (Ask Yuri) 2. WinNT on staff machines unstable
Things I need at work.. Most important, ask which of these I am actually allowed to do.... 1. A computer 2. Map network and computers 3. Monitor traffic on computers 4. Learn more about system administration and sysadmin tools.


Check out IRM (Information Resource Manager) and set it up on local computer.
Things to be done in lab.... 1. Motherboard and CPU 2. Backup System 3. Request Tracker (on nimbus /home/www/secure/irm) 4. Software upgrade 5. Rearrange office 6. Get extra hardware like ethernet cards, and cable 7. Look at cluster


Netscape 7.0 review StarOffice6.0 review Lots of software maturing. The software above has open source counterparts, Mozilla and OpenOffice.org. OpenOffice.org released version 1.0 and Mozilla is close to a 1.0 release, currently having 1.0 Release Candidate 3 available for download. This is good. It can only result in more better software. Oh and dont forget Opera v6.0 for linux, and AbiWord v1.0.
Edit This Page If I owned Microsoft's Word or even WordPad, here's what I would do. Take a snapshot of the codebase, pull out the code behind the File menu and replace it with code that speaks to my server. Let's call this product Corazon (it's close to Manila). When I choose New from Corazon's File menu, it creates a new Untitled window. I type. When I choose Save from the File menu, a dialog appears asking for the Title of the document. It then shoots the file over the net, where it takes its place on the content server that holds my website. Again, no FTP. The computer remembers where my content belongs. It talks to another piece of software that knows how to render the text as a page on the website. It does all the messy complicated work for me. That's how computers are supposed to work. Thats exactly what I had in mind for BlogniX. There is still a lot of work to do thier, but the basic stuff is all thier.
Edit This Page Writing for the web is too damned hard. It turns you into a bookkeeper. I've got files all over my hard disk and their counterparts on the server. I can't keep track of them! When I'm reading a web page that I wrote, if I spot a mistake, I have to execute 23 complicated error-prone steps to make the change.
Compaq DOA, Microsoft NT setup cruel and unusual punishment My second larger complaint is with Microsoft. I finally figured out that they don't produce an operating system that a mortal human being can set up. I have some advice for Microsoft. Every executive should buy a machine for themselves, from one of the clone vendors, and struggle thru the process their customers have to go thru. They're horribly vulnerable. Compared to this process, setting up Linux was a breeze. If they really want to be humbled, go buy a Mac. Turn the mother on, click on a few control panels, and you're on the net. Daves talking about NT4.
Me and Microsoft People stare at me in disbelief when I say that there will be lots of Dot-Nets. There will be. First there was one. There will be two, for sure, we're finishing ours now, it's called Radio. ..... Of course Java is a Dot-Net. Look at all the languages they have running in Java. It talks to SQL databases. It runs on Macs and Unix too. It also does not come from Microsoft. Zope is a Dot-Net too. Two languages at last count. An object database, a Web interface. Open source. Apache is also a foundation for Dot-Nets, as is PHP, Perl, Python and C, and every other environment that's wiring up to the new formats and protocols.


I've been having a problem with my computer. I wonder if someone can help. The computer keeps crashing when I try to access the CD Drive. It happens only in Linux. Windows and BeOS have no problems with the CD drive. At first I thought it might be a problem with the hardware, but since it works with Windows and BeOS it cant be. And I havent messed with my hardware for ages. So it has to be a software problem. Well, I was cleaning up my PC, so I decided to format the hard drive and install the operating systems all over again. I got rid of everything, and saved mp3 and video files on the second hard drive. Formatted the different partitions on the first hard drive, and began the install. Windows installed fine. BeOS installed fine. Take out Mandrake disks. Put em in. The install crashes when it starts to load the second stage install from the cd drive (I dont remember what its called exactly). I tried it with Mandrake 8.2 and 8.1 and it did'nt work. Then I tried it with Redhat 7.2 and this time the install worked. The installation went through, and I thought the problem must have been something with the mandrake distribution and forgot about it. When I booted today though, the system did the same thing. There was a CD in the CD-drive, and kde tries to read the drive when it comes up (or some application in KDE). And the computer froze again. And this is a hard freeze. Nothing moves, meaning mouse, keyboard nothing. I have to do a hard reboot to bring the computer back up. This only happens when there is a CD in the drive, and the computer tries to read the drive. I'm sitting in Linux right now, and since there is no CD in the drive, the system works fine. What I dont understand is that this problem came up just out of the blue. I changed nothing. Nothing at all. This happened before I installed all the software. The installation happened after the problem. I had been playing Quake3 for about a week, and this particular day I fire up Quake3 and the system just crashes as the CD is being read. I cant figure it out.


Been a little busy to blog. Reformatted my hard drive, reinstalled all operating systems. Linux, Windows (Need it to watch TV, damn tv card), BeOS Thats also the reason why the web site was offline for a while. I still have to configure software on the other two operating systems.


I'm trying out Opera v6.0 final for Linux.
I'm sitting in the International Office at my University. Theres a long wait. They have one computer here, for browsing purposes, and I got it. Its an old PowerMac 7300/200. Slow as hell, running an old version of Netscape Navigator. Dave Winers page took at least 30 seconds for it to render, and while it was doing that, the whole system just sat there. Like it had crashed. I was going to reset it. Then finally the screen came back. The interface for blogger under Netscape Navigator sucks! I think blogger is going the wrong way about this. I think they should be focused on bringing a good interface to users no matter what browser they use. I think that would be the biggest appeal for blogger users.


Software lemon law with bitter taste An Open Source advocate would probably embrace such legislation at first sight. The legislation would skyrocket production costs for Microsoft if the company were forced to release foolproof products. We all know that the open and distributed model for development described in Eric S. Raymond's book "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" is much better and creates more reliable products than any closed non-distributed development model. However, such legislation may actually work the other way around and effectively and permanently kill all Open Source and Free Software development. A very important part of the GNU General Public License is the provision regarding limitation of liability. According to GNU GPL clauses 11 and 12, the computer program is distributed as is with no warranties at all, unless otherwise provided by law. The courts would not recognize such limitation of liability if a law providing strict liability for serious errors in computer programs was introduced.


Blogger saves archives according to the name that you leave in the settings. The name I had was "archive" with no extension. When I opened the file in any of my linux browsers, the document opened up as a text document, meaning the html source code of the file would show up within the browser, instead of the rendered page. This did not happen with Internet Explorer, because I guess Internet Explorer, checks the contents of the file, instead of looking at just the extension. In Konqueror it was easy to save the default behavior for files with a certain extension, by changing the application that would launch that extension. But Galeon and Mozilla would not be so easy to fix. The solution in this case was to go to blogger, and change the name of the file "archive" to "archive.html" and Blogger automagically changed the names of all the weekly archive files as well. Maybe the people at Blogger should change the default "archive" to "archive.html".


Scripting News Of course Microsoft is pushing the theory that interop means Works With Microsoft. The rest of us should just reject that without discussion. I'm perfectly happy to get interop with Everyone But Microsoft. They have an uphill battle to get developers to adopt their tools. Sure some developers will go anywhere Microsoft wants them to go today. More power to them. But for the rest of us, the more Microsoft isolates itself, the more appeal our technologies have to developers who value independence. Dave speaks out against Microsoft often. His software runs on Windows and Mac (an alternative platform). What I dont get is why he does not support platforms like Linux. Most of his software is server software. Is it that he is against giving software away for free? I think he is. But thats ok. With the crash of the dot coms people have realized that programmers gotta eat, and pay thier mortgage. There are many companies selling software for Linux. There is Ximian, theKompany, and Hancom. Userland can be part of this mix. I wonder what it will take? Maybe its a matter of how big the market is. There are'nt that many customers. But I believe, if you build it, they will come. And Userland has some very unique software. At the moment, its the only reason I have Windows installed on my system, and why I occassionally do boot into windows. Maybe Wine can do Radio, gotta try.
kuro5hin.org || My world of Nicotine -- a HOWTO of chew. I used to smoke. USED TO. One day, I got tired of deciding whether to buy food, or to buy cigarrettes. I just stopped. Enough of my money has gone to those rich gazillionaires at the tobacco companies. Never get into something that can be addictive. No matter how fun it is. Anyway, its been a month since I last smoked. I still get cravings, but the key seems to be keeping busy, so you can keep your mind of silly things like cigs. Its worked so far. No cigs, no waste of money, no loss of health. Just one more month, and the cravings should stop. The hard part is coming up. Getting through the holidays, when you are sitting around with friends, schools over, and nothing to do. I'm gonna be working as hard as I can!!! Do not let your mind wander! Do not give in! Keep Busy!!! Here is the original post!
3D Software from a New Perspective The book of the month is Sam Williams's Free as in Freedom: Richard Stallman's Crusade for Free Software (O'Reilly). Get this book and read it. I'd be astonished if you agreed with all or even much of what Stallman believes, but you will be better off for understanding what he is saying. I first met Richard Stallman (he called himself RMS in those days) when he was a graduate student at MIT and I was just learning about the ARPANET. He was immensely helpful to me in those days, patiently showing me things about emacs — his full-screen editor that he wrote in TECO, and the less said about TECO the better — as well as adding some special code to take care of things I wanted to accomplish. I learned then that RMS and I have a common failing: We don't suffer fools gladly or indeed at all, and we are sometimes wrong about who is a fool. But that's another story for another time.


Radio UserLand : Geeky stuff: Driver architecture for the aggregator Found this link in my blog archives. Might need it again, so I'll post it again.
The long and winding road Footprint. When I get more than two or three windows open, Mozilla really starts struggling, especially if I have other programs open as well. That, combined with Mozilla’s poor startup time, makes it very tempting to fire up Internet Explorer for quick browsing. I have mozilla configured so that all new web sites are opened up in a new tab in the background. To me it seems to use lesser memory than if I have the same number of documents open in separate windows. It struggles a lot less this way.
projo.com | Providence Creating permalinks for Dreamweaver bloggers. I did'nt know thier were some people who preferred to blog through dreamweaver. There are so many different ways people can blog out thier.
Got some more studying to do, and some more exams to give! Two more days!
Salon.com Technology | The pop-up ad campaign from hell It's the latest in Web marketing innovation: Hijacked Web surfers, exploited Web browser vulnerabilities and malicious spyware all wrapped up together.


Its amazing the ease with which people can write tools for Radio Userland. There are so many ways to add functionality to Radio, and downloading updates and so forth is so easy, its amazing. Thats what platforms are. This is going to be my next project. I want to clone Radio on Linux. Attack of the Clones! :)
GNU.org.pe: Peruvian Congressman's Open Letter to Microsoft Wow! They seem to have some very well informed, and intelligent congressmen in Peru!!!
Ernie Ball's Breaking All the Rules "We were raided by armed Federal Marshals and completely shut down for a day. Then you have to swear you won't touch any data other than what is minimally necessary to run your business," he says. "I don't believe you should treat a customer that way." After the investigation was completed, Ernie Ball was found to be noncompliant by 8 percent. Recalling that time, Ball says, "A lot of professionals I hired went back and audited their own software and found they were out of compliance by 20 percent. It's nearly impossible to be totally compliant." The company ended up paying a $90,000 settlement. "Thirty-five thousand of it was Microsoft's legal fees, which is automatic in cases like these, so the penalty was actually lower," says Ball, who decided at that moment his company would become "Microsoft free." According to Ball, "Everyone said we couldn't do it. It took us about one year [to convert from a Microsoft system]."
Too many dependencies for me to try now. Have to study!
Compiling e17 while I study. Lets see how this goes?
Alan Coxs Diary Thats a web log right? Alan Coxs wife Who is Alan Cox? Only Linus's second in command!!!
Mac OS X seems just such a waste of computing power. I prefer speed over eye candy. That is why for my windowmanager in Linux I use Windowmaker. It is a minimal system that gives me all that I need from an interface. It is amazing in that it is fast and beautiful at the same time. I dont think that the same can be said about Mac OS X. Or so I have read from various reviews and so I am going to keep away from that particular system as much as I can. Its the same with Windows, but at least in Windows you can turn all that crap of. Even if the software is evil, you can at least turn it off, so that it does'nt feel evil. :) P.S. It doesnt mean that I use windows. I would, if only I could keep it from crashing all the time.
jaguar rawr Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the stupidest looking chat program ever! Little pictures and chat bubbles? Yeech. Have we learned nothing since 1997? I like Instant Messaging. One reason is because I get to speak to my family, that lives tens of thousands of miles away from me. We have a decided time at which they come online but they cant alway make it. But with Instant Messaging we can each other whenever we happen to be online together. Another reason is that I can stay in touch with most of my friends. Try kmess if you need an MSN client for Linux.
I have Exams, Exams, Exams and Exams! And a Project to finish! When can I get back to programming?
For the past few days something strange has been happening. As soon as I find a link to post to my web log, the internet stops working, so that I cant actually post. I have to reboot, and by the time the computer comes up again, I have lost the link and the interest in the article I had been reading. The problem itself is strange though. For some reason, no new connections to the net can be made. For instance, if I have an IRC window open, the IRC connection remains live, just that I cannot make any other connections. If I fire up ccmsn, it does'nt go through to msn. If I fire up BlogniX, it cant connect with Blogger, if I fire up Mozilla/Konqueror, I cant visit any web site. Going through the router logs I see that the requested connections show up on the going out log, but the coming in log dont have any of the replies going to my computer. The router is a linksys router. I cant figure it out.


Kmess There is a new version out (0.9.4) that should'nt crash. Gotta try it out later!
Another DMCA Act looms! Boucher, a Virginia Democrat, said last July that he wanted to amend the DMCA to permit certain "fair uses" of digital content, such as backing up an audio CD by bypassing copy protection technology.
Read Here In Taiwan, the ROC government has launched an intense crack down on software piracy. Facing the prospect of significant license fees on Microsoft products, government departments, businesses and schools are switching to Linux and free software on a significant scale. Microsoft Taiwan, trying to obtain what it thinks are its proper license fees, instead has encouraged consumers to switch to free software products.
Bundling vs. Modularity Microsoft wants us to believe that Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player are tied so deeply in the OS that they cannot be removed. As middleware they are good things, but so is DirectX, and Microsoft doesn't say that can't be removed from the operating system. Windows is far more modular than Microsoft wants to admit to the court. Microsoft has grown to the point that they no longer need to compete, and the only way for them to survive as a company is to stop competing and start sharing. If something doesn't happen to change Microsoft's behavior, the backlash against them and other corporate giants will send proprietary software and countless tech jobs into obsolescence.
I compiled the kernel a few days ago, and it has been running pretty stable since then. I wanted kernel v2.5 because it now has the premptible patch built in, and I wanted to try that out. There are some speed improvements for sure. Everything seemed a lot faster. I'm back to 2.4 though because mounting of a couple of drives through supermount wont work. Apparently supermount patches the kernel and I did'nt apply the patch before compiling. I dont even know if the supermount patch works with the 2.5 kernel. Will compile again later and see if things work.


unemployment rate jumps! If this Oracle thing is true, its gonna go higher!
Holy Shit! California Highway Patrol officers moved in Thursday to halt shredding at the state's information technology department, and Gov. Gray Davis suspended the agency's chief amid a widening investigation of the state's multimillion-dollar computer contract with Oracle Corp.


Centralization and Blogging Tools With Radio UserLand the editing software is on your desktop computer, as is all the data. You can host the rendered site on a UserLand server, or on your own server through FTP. Community features are centralized, but the centralized software is free, and has been cloned in Python and PHP (both are open source). Most but not all of the community interfaces can be turned off through the prefs system. Thats what I want!!! I want all the data to be on my machine... not in some cloud somewhere!
Wow! The system speed is noticeably faster thanks to the new kernel, and I guess the prempt patch. I wonder if it is stable.


I wanna try one of the latest 2.5 kernels. This weblog is gonna be up and down for the next few hours.
OpenOffice.org v1.0 Cool! Havent tried it yet! Cant wait!
Apple Sues Sorenson The maker of iMac computers said it has paid Sorenson $4.5 million for its rights to use the privately held company's compression software in QuickTime, which allows users to watch movies on personal computers. Macromedia has a competing product called Flash Player. Since when did Flash become a competitor to Quicktime. I thought one was video codec and player, and the other was a vector graphics format and player.
Mozilla's next big step As the leader of the Mozilla.org project, an AOL-funded open-source Web browser technology, Baker has been trying to stoke the fire she helped light in 1998. Mozilla, which was created using Netscape's browser code, found support among a legion of software developers intent on blocking the juggernaut advance of Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Yet with Microsoft's ongoing antitrust trial as a backdrop, Mozilla is close to finally launching its 1.0 version. Although largely a ceremonial measure, the milestone marks the first time Mozilla's code will be ready for developers to use in a final form. Mozilla supporters are anxiously awaiting the release, saying the technology will foster a new burst of innovation for Web browsing technology.
I used the outliner that comes bundled with Radio 7.0.1 today. I was writing a paper, and I wanted to structure my thoughts before I actually began writing the paper. So I first did a brain dump on the topic, putting in points that were in no particular order. Then I ordered the thoughts according to what I would want on the paper. Then I simply saved the .opml as an HTML file, and printed it out. Then I took the outline to my Prof. and got some of his input. I just wanted to show him the outline draft, so that I could get his input, and see what points interested him. Well, he read the outline, which took him a few seconds, gave me pointers with the paper, and that was it. The outline made things easy, not just for me, but for the Prof. as well. Outliners are cool. Since Radio is a Windows app, I really do need to try an outliner for Linux. I wonder if its as good as the one in Radio. Might integrate it into BlogniX.
Quantum3D/NVIDIA technology: Military Applications Why weren't "mil-spec" GPUs used for the F-22? That was the very point. Traditionally, the computers that powered aerospace components such as cockpit displays relied on expensive custom graphics technology. When a new fighter jet or vehicle was designed, it wasn't uncommon for $100 million to be spent on the research and development for a graphics chip created from scratch. In addition to the development costs, the cost to manufacture was also very high due to the small quantities. This may have made sense in the 80's when consumer PCs were just in their infancy, but this gap continued narrow with time. In 1999, the Department of Defense decided that it was time to change the way graphics chips were being used in armored vehicles and aircraft. Why spend so much money developing your own chip, when you can take advantage of the huge budgets from companies such as 3dfx and NVIDIA, and economies of scale from mass production? Even after making the necessary modifications for military use, the savings would still be more than an order of magnitude per chip. I wonder what the effect of using Personal Computer Hardware for every task imaginable will be on the future. This has to have some major effect, but I dont see what it is. I mean companies all over the place are moving to custom of the market hardware. Take SGI for instance. They now offer Intel based systems instead of systems based on thier own processors. Is this good or bad for the various companies out thier, like Sun and so on. The only company that I can think of, that is taking advantage of this whole situation seems to be IBM that is really has a business plan that makes sense. Does that mean we will have only Intel Machines and IBM in the future. The Alpha chip is gone (or almost gone), the motorola chip is now only relegated to Apple, and the MIPS chip is know where to be seen. The only other chip other than the personal computer chip is the StrongARM I think, which is used in embedded devices.


Klez: Don't Believe 'From' Line "I belonged to a tattoo artists' list that closed down a few years ago. Last week, I began getting e-mails from the list. Even weirder, I got eight e-mails with subject lines that read 'SOS' and 'Eager to See You' from a list member who died last year. It totally creeped me out," said "Bear" Montego.
I dont believe this! You have to be an extremely sloppy admin to allow your server to get infested with the ramen worm. That is an old old worm, and I've never heard of it infecting anyone. Real sloppy sloppy work!!!!!!
Miguel de Icaza says, XP: I consider myself a savvy user, but when it comes to using the "consumer XP", I have found that XP has all sorts of troubles playing my DVDs or having an intuitive interface (or even providing the options) to burn CDs. I bought my XP machine so I could read the .NET documentation at home while I hack on my Linux laptop. After trying to use the XP machine for something more than a document browser, I was really dissapointed by how poor this OS is. They got better icons now (of far lower quality than MacOS X and GNOME) and their file manager has some neat features, but I had to install Linux on the machine to play DVDs and burn CDs. It was easier to find the device drivers on the net and recompile my kernel and try various DVD players than trying to get a coherent answer from my PC and DVD manufacturer and the Windows consumer OS.
blogger for the penguin herd Somebody mentioned BlogniX. I wonder if he had any problems? Or if it installed properly?
Drupal and Moveable Type both support the Blogger API. I am thinking of moving to one of them, and changing BlogniX so that it can post to these systems as well. The client requires only some small change to get this working. I dont know about greymatter though. Searched on the site, but could not find any documentation about greymatter having blogger-api support. No matter, two out of three aint bad.
Self hosting of weblogs I self host this weblog. Its not fast, and it may go down, but at least I will know what the problem is, and I will be able to fix it. I am not dependant on anybody. And anyway hosting a weblog on ones own computer is fun.
Featuritis sells products The New York Times: "Things are so needlessly complex because featuritis sells products," Dr. Tenner said. "People buy them for a feeling of control, then complain that they are so hard to manage. But show them something simple and rugged, and most of them will call it boring."


I first played this game when I was in Grade 6. I introduced this game to my roommate and he and I have been playing it for the past week or so. A simple and fun game.
Connections and Cases The Linux Front This really big development is the release of Crossover Office from CodeWeavers. This amazing product uses WINE to allow Microsoft Office 2000 to be installed and run under Linux, without having to go to the trouble and expense of setting up a "virtual" Windows installation under VMware.
Scripting News looks pretty boring today. I guess thats why you should co-locate!
Gateway as content distributor! Turner also indicated that Gateway is contemplating bypassing the titans of the music industry if necessary. 'We have retail stores that aren't beholden to the music industry,' Turner said. 'There are a lot of artists out there.'" Makes one wonder if the xxAAs will roll-over and take their tithe or if they'll try to find some anti-competitive legal maneuvering leverage to keep Gateway out? And can Apple be far behind with video services out of their own retail outlets? Interesting....
Why Gates Won't Apologize But legal experts said that at this point in the case, there was no strategic reason for Mr. Gates not to show contrition. Nine states and the District of Columbia are demanding that Microsoft pay for its antitrust violations by submitting to a broad range of restraints aimed at restoring the competition in the market for PC operating system software. The states' proposals include requiring Microsoft to sell a stripped-down version of Windows, publish the underlying source code to its Internet Explorer Web browser and license its Office suite of programs to run on other operating systems. How are they going to restore competition in the PC Operating System Market, with these stupid remedies. A striped down Windows will do what exactly? Why would anyone buy a stripped down version of Windows? The underlying source code to windows does'nt matter, Mozilla is the most close to the w3 standards, and is a much better browser. And its Open Source. How would opening up the source code to Internet Explorer make things better? What the hell is licensing Office to run on other operating systems going to do? Would'nt it make more sense to open the document format used by Microsoft Office so that competitors can add support for the documents. That would be a much better move to restore competition to the market. StarOffice/OpenOffice are perfect alternatives to Microsoft Office. But still they lack something. And that is because most of the developers time is spent making the conversion from .doc format to staroffice/openoffices own format. It looks to me like no one is serious about this anymore. No body has the guts to switch away from Windows and choose another platform. It seems they are scared or something. Scared that if they move from Windows, something bad will happen. Thats the kinda vibe I get from these articles!
It would be cool if I could get Kword integrated into BlogniX instead of having QTs multilinewidget. Gotta look into this a bit more. I wonder what it takes to get this working.


BloggerPro in Mozilla RC1 Damn, if basic blogger worked so well in Blogger, I would never have written BlogniX.
kmess keeps crashing on me. I sure hope he gets the problem fixed soon. Maybe I should be looking in to what the problem is. I like the client, and if I had time I would hack it to see what the problem was.


kmess Its a good thing I did'nt start work on my own client!
BlogniX-0.1.1 has been released. Only minor improvements. Here is a screenshot.
Economy Is Surging, but Wall St. Is Down in the Dumps A trouble spot, market strategists said, is that the government numbers indicated slower growth in consumer spending. Although such expenditures grew at an annual rate of 3.5 percent in the first quarter, that was down from 6.1 percent in the final months of 2001. Because consumers have kept the economy afloat the last two years, any slowdown worries investors. Consumer optimism, as measured by a University of Michigan survey released yesterday, fell to a two-month low, leading to some forecasts of more weakness in consumer spending. Stock investors, meanwhile, continue to harbor doubts about the financial soundness of American companies and fret about the risk of yet another corporate accounting fiasco. "The Enron overhang is still plaguing the market," said David Sowerby, portfolio manager at Loomis, Sayles & Company. "People are waiting for the next accounting fraud, and that is prompting additional weakness in the market on a temporary basis. There is also a lingering lack of confidence that earnings will improve meaningfully."
Tutorial on the GNU Build system Emacs is an environment for running Lisp programs that manipulate text interactively. To call Emacs merely an editor does not do it justice, unless you redefine the word "editor" to the broadest meaning possible. Emacs is so extensive, powerful and flexible, that you can almost think of it as a self-contained "operating system" in its own right.
Lawmakers urge speedy transition to digital TV One of the toughest areas, however, is content providers' fears of piracy and the millions of dollars in lost revenue. Many believe that if content providers are assured that copyright digital broadcasts could not be redistributed illegally, they would increase the amount of digital programming available and hasten digital TV development.
Net firms object to Senate privacy bill The proposed online privacy legislation, introduced last week by Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Ernest Hollings, Democrat-South Carolina, would require businesses to tell visitors to their Web sites what information is being gathered on them and how it will be used.
First African in space boards ISS You hear so much of the United States Space Shuttle you almost forget that there may be other crafts going to the space station.
Got some dialog improvements finished for BlogniX. Making BlogniX a little more customizable, like specifying the Blogger server, and the number of posts that can be downloaded. Maybe tomorrow I will have a look at integrating the spell checking library. So far I have improved the most glaring problems I was having with the app. Have very little user feedback at the moment, so I dont know what problems people are running into. Cant post to blogger.com, so I'm gonna keep writing here, until I can post this all as one post. These are times when I wish that I had my own content management system. Two things that I still need on Linux, a native, C++ RSS news feed reader, and a good robust, content management system, similar to moveable type and drupal, but written in C++ again. I think I am going to have to write this software on my own as well. Energizing Grid Computing Beyond all the battles between Linux and Microsoft on the desktop, Linux has already made its bones in business. IBM has invested over US$1 billion in Linux technologies, while Sun, Compaq, and HP have all made Linux a key part of their business strategies. You know, I was thinking. There is a difference between the web services that the BigCos talk about and the web services independant developers talk about. The BigCos want the end users to have as little power as they can have, so that the companies will buy expensive enterprise hardware. This gives the BigCos a reason to sell those big machines. However, the end user is becoming more and more powerful due to moors law. This is contrary to what the BigCos have in mind. People like Dave Winer, who are independant developers are making end user software, and making web services that do more work on the user end, rather than the server end. And I think that the Independant developers are the ones who are going to win, because users want more power. I think people are generally like me. They would rather have their own computer working than the server miles away. I would like to have a web server running of my own machine, with me in chage, because I can know what kind of problem the system is having, if any, and I can work on it, to bring it back up. If the problem lies on the server at the BigCo then, I have to wait on the line with the Tech Support, who will spend hours looking at the problem, before he can do anything, IF he can do anything. Here is another way of looking at it. The independant developers web services are like XML-RPC. A small and simple spec, that is very easy to understand, implement and use. Its so simple that everyone on the web is going to use it, causing a whole host of people to pick it up. On the other hand, SOAP is a BigCo protocol. Its Big, and its complex. It will take time for people to understand it, and implement it. Few will use it. So far, only protocols like XML-RPC have one. Http was like XML-RPC, and it won. This is just my humble opinion though. There are two news feed readers out thier that I could use in Linux. One is written in PHP or some other scripting language, and the other is written in Java. I do want to try the one that is written in a scripting language, but I dont want to use the one written in Java. The reason for this is that Java is slow. It is an added layer that we dont need. It does;nt matter if I have a fast PC or a slow PC, I dont think Java makes sense, and I dont want to use. My applications should be compiled natively, and they should not have an added layer under which they are run. It is just a waste of hardware. I dont like Java, I think Java sucks! And so does C# and .Net. C++ and C are the way to go. Though everybody seems to be moving towards Java or C#, I think I am going to try to stick wtih C++. Ok, I guess another feature for 0.2 that I really need. Make a queue for posts when you cant contact blogger.com. That should'nt be too hard to implement. Save it in a simple Text file with pointers so that each can be loaded separately. Don't know how I would get the time stamp right though. I wonder if you can change the time stamp on posts? I remember there being a discussion on this topic on Bloggerdev mailing list. Gotta check that list out again. Hotmail at Risk to Cookie Thieves Two of the cookies, set by MSN.com and named "MSPAuth" and "MSPProf," are the digital keys that allow an attacker to access the interior pages of a Hotmail account without being prompted to sign in, and to read and send messages from the account and change the account holder's preferences. Unpatched IE security holes What High School Stereotype Are You? In the above quiz, reading the first question and the given answers, it felt as if the test was meant only for girls. I let it go! Hmmm... the two new boxes at weblogs.com, the googlebox and the newyork times box are gone. I could tell that they slowed the server down some. Radio Adventures It is tough to understand how Radio works....probably due to the high learning curve needed for the new paradigm. Was looking around for the whole afternoon for ways to simulate the home page so that I can begin changing the look. Not successful, so I guess I will go on to other tasks and return to this another day. Its most probably a problem of lack of documentation. There is some documentation but it does'nt seem to be meant for power users, who wish to write thier own scripts. I'm probably wrong though, because I have not spent enough time playing with the software. I remember the days when I enjoyed playing with software. Now, I prefer to write my own software instead of experimenting with other peoples software. The green man. I like the above site. Its got a cool look. I think its the green, my favorite color. Ok, its three in the morning, and I am getting very very sleepy. My eye lids are drooping. I dont know, but I have feeling that my friends/roommates are all gonna end up at my place around 4 after thier game of Cricket. Dunno if I should keep awake or go to sleep. I dont play Cricket. Soccer and Squash are my kinda games. Though I have'nt played Squash in years. Soccer on the other hand, I play ever Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Three in the morning and still cant post to blogger. Wonder how long this is going to last. I really need to create the save queue.


Got this from theshiftedlibrarian.com. I'm surprised it worked in my browser.
Wow! SOAP 1.1 is two years old!
Executivr testifies that Microsoft must be able to alter Windows The proposed Justice Department settlement is also intended to give computer makers more freedom to feature rival software, like Real Network's Real Player. But the settlement would require only that Microsoft allow manufacturers to hide programs like Windows Media Player, rather than remove them. What a sham this trial is?!
Problems!!! My system seems to crash any time someone tries to access the CD Drive. Mounting of the CD works fine. But when I actually try to access the CD is when the whole system freezes. And its a complete freeze, meaning no mouse or keyboard response, and all the monitors on the screen are stuck. There is nothing I can do but a hard reboot. I checked my logs, and IRQ and DMA values. Nothing wrong thier, or at least I could'nt tell what was wrong. If someone has any ideas please let me know. Oh, and I am using Mandrake8.2. The CD drive is an IDE drive. This does not happen in BeOS, or Windows. Only in Linux. It happens when I am root or any other user.
Fears About Microsoft Return, in Mexico "We are going to closely examine the Microsoft deal because it appears a good part of it places conditions that try to promote the use of Microsoft in the public schools and the payment of licenses and royalties," said Ildefonso Guajardo, an opposition member of Congress from the state of Nuevo León.
Here is another good one. ministry of sound - Chill Out
I was listening to ferry corsten - Trance Nation 2001 CD2 Nice music for when I am programming.
I am going to work on BlogniX a little this weekend. Improvements in compiling and installation scripts. Small improvements in the various dialogs like the Web Address Dialog. And maybe add a spell checker to the app. If only I could find the time. I also need to add the ability to edit a particular post with a particular ID. A post that is older than the last five posts. And actually get the Help->About menu option working. I wish there was a way to post stories in Blogger, much like you can in Radio Userland. Stories would not be normal posts, but rather large posts (articles) that would have a more permanent space on the Blog. All my rants would go thier than.